OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love (2019)

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love (2019)

OnlyOneOf 연애잠금해제
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A show where members date and lift the “idol dating ban.”

Boy group OnlyOneOf has unveiled the main teaser for their new reality show on M2 “Unlocking Love“.

They will be the real boyfriend idols on the show, and many fans are looking forward to watching them on the show.

OnlyOneOf’s new variety show “Unlocking Love” is set to launch on October 1 at 8 PM KST via Mnet’s M2 channel. The show will be aired every Tuesday at 8 PM KST.

Tên phim gốc OnlyOneOf 연애잠금해제
First air date 01/10/2019

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